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Hexagons, Octagons, Squares & Rectangles. From 6ft to 26ft! We've got it ..

Liveoutside design, manufacture and install the largest variety of wooden gazebos in the UK today. All of our high quality garden gazebos are treated to ensure a longer life and have a 10 year guarantee against decay.
If you like something you see but want to change a few things, please just ask as we currently tailor over 50% of our buildings upon customers request.

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What sort of options do you have?

Firstly, consider size & style. How much space do you have? What do you intend on doing in the gazebo? Maybe dining and entertaining friends? If so, for how many people 2, 6, 8 etc? Do you prefer hexagons, octagons or a simpler square shape to run along a boundary line. These are important considerations.These will help you start to get the basic size and style into context.

Next, think about roofing options. Solid wooden roof boards are the most economical option but can often lead to water ingress in stormy conditions. If you want to protect some valuable furniture or equipment from the elements this is not a good option for you. Asphalt roof tiles are a more weatherproof option and we can usually match the colour of your house roof tile to help the gazebo blend into its natural setting.

Lastly, you can choose how you wish to configure your infill panels. Balustrade, trellis, half solid panel & full solid panels are all available and can be tailored for any building you see. We've done this a thousand times before, so please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish. We are here to help you.

Be the envy of your friends and neighbours with one of our premium wooden gazebos

Beware of cheap imitations! All of our gazebos are made from high quality coniferous timber originating from sustainable forests. We plane and chamfer all sections of the building and firmly believe that you will not find a better value range of wooden structures elsewhere in the UK.

Handmade in our factory, your new gazebo is a centrepiece of your garden and we appreciate that this is a considerable investment of your time and money. Our expert customer services team will guide you through finding the right structure for your garden. Everybody has different requirements and in the past 20 years of trading we have literally helped thousands of people create and perfect their vision of perfection. Find out how we could help by calling 01173600501.

Do you have a local display site?

For many years we had over 50 display sites across the country. The costs involved in running this enterprise meant that the price of the building was considerably higher and people were finding cheaper alternatives on the internet. Since 2010 we have been a sole internet supplier and no longer have any show sites. Our prices are now ultra- competitive and we take pride in knowing that you will not find a better quality product for the price.

We have thousands of satisfied customers with photos, testimonials and some customer sites in and around the UK which you may be able to view with prior arrangement. Get in touch and we'll see how we can help.