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Wooden carports are a better looking and more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or metal.

All of our high quality timber car ports are pressure treated using Tanalith E to ensure a longer life and have a 10 year guarantee against decay.
If you like something you see but want to change a few things, please just ask as we currently tailor over 50% of our buildings upon customers request.

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Add value to your home

A wooden carport is a great addition to your home and garden. It will protect your car from the elements, tree sap and bird droppings. These high quality carports can also be used as a perfect place for entertaining, creating a children's play area or as a cover for your swimming pool. They offer a great sheltered area to work or play beneath.

Options to suit every budget and taste

At Liveoutside you will find a wide range of wooden carports suitable for one, two or three cars. A timber carport is a fantastic alternative to a conventional garage; they are cheaper, easier to assemble, offer plenty of light and can be far more attractive. Within our extensive range of wooden carports you will find a number of different styles and sizes available. Whether you are looking for a single carport, a double carport or a triple carport you will find what you are looking for here.

High Quality Components as standard

All of our carports have been built to last and are manufactured from FSC approved pressure treated Northern European Redwood and include a 10 year guarantee. We offer a number of different roofing materials for our timber carports including Asphalt felt shingle tiles that are building grade quality, polycarbonate roofing and corrugated PVC roofing. Our carport kits are delivered flat pack with instructions for self assembly. We do offer a professional installation service for an additional cost.

Built to Last

Our carports have been pressure treated and impregnated with TANALITH E. Which is essentially a waterborne product based on copper triazole technology produced by Arch Timber Protection a trusted name in wood preservation. Preservatives of TANALITH E such as Copper (a naturally occurring metal) are used in common everyday household products such as household cleaners and disinfectants. Please note that if TANALITH pressure treated timber is cut, drilled or notched it is recommended that you apply an approved cut end treatment to the affected area as failure to do so may result in a reduction in the effectiveness of the treatment.