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All garden buildings are delivered free of charge to the UK mainland. If you have special delivery requirements or are located offshore, please contact the office for details.
The buildings are delivered directly within approx. 4-6 weeks, dependent on seasonality.

All Other Products

If ordered together with a garden building and delivered to the same place in the UK mainland, your order will be delivered free of charge.
Please note: delivery charges apply to products other than garden buildings. Rates are determined at cost and will be calculated based on weight during the checkout process.

All orders above £200 qualify for free delivery 


Liveoutside garden products are committed to innovative product development and manufacturing. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards. Advanced treatment process with permanent wood preservative provides complete protection against rot and insect attack for up to 10 years. Please notice that 10 years guarantee applies only to products which have no contact with the ground. Otherwise durability of the wood is reduced.

The life of a building depends upon it's foundations. It is vitally important that your base is firm, level, square and large enough to accommodate the building you have ordered. Ideally, your garden building should be installed on a flat concrete slab which is unlikely to sink or break up. A thickness of 50 to 100mm is required, depending upon the size and type of building that you have ordered. As an alternative, concrete paving slabs or decking bases may be laid but they should still be level, unlikely to sink at any point and completely cover the area of base required. If you have any doubts concerning the base seek advice from a local builder.


All of the timbers are pressure impregnated using the most advanced formulation of permanent wood preservative which guarantees our products for many years against decay, weathering and insect attack.

Pressure treatment is a lifetime preservative treatment. The preservative is forced into the timber under pressure in a vacuum and penetrates below the surface. All other treatments apply a coat of stain to the surface of the timber only. With pressure impregnated timber, the chemicals are permanently fixed in the wood.


All liveoutside garden buildings can be delivered to your door complete with a professional full installation service for as little as £345.

Our experienced builders will have your building erected and ready for use on the same day for maximum convenience and minimum disruption. If you cannot be available on the day of installation the installers will gladly carry on with the work without anybody being home. To order our professional installation service please choose this option on your shopping cart at the time of making your purchase.

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Alfresco Dining with a Gazebo

OK, so it hasn't exactly been the weather for it so far, but we Brits are a hardy lot - and optimistic too. Dining outside can be a great way to get the kids away from their screens and relax in your garden as a family, but it's not without its logistical issues.

If the weather is warm or you're anywhere near a body of water, a citronella candle or two will save your bacon in the evenings. One thing you can be sure of as the night draws in is midges, but a citronella candle can drive them away, leaving you to enjoy your meal in peace - and they'll cast a pretty glow over proceedings too!

Having a BBQ in the middle of summer? You might find wasps are a problem, especially if you've got lots of lovely food lying around. There are plenty of different methods to make your own effective wasp trap and it's well worth your time, especially if you have little ones at your get-together.

Avoid lots of trips inside to the fridge for drinks refills when it's warm by making your own ice bucket outside. Buy a couple of bags of ice from the supermarket and use a bucket, box or even swimming pool in the shade to keep your refreshments cool. It doesn't just save effort, it also saves people with mucky feet from tramping through your home!

Of course, it being the great British summer, there's always a chance that your al fresco dining will coincide with a rainy day - but don't let the weather put you off! Muster some of that Dunkirk spirit we're so famous for and get your hands on one of our sturdy wooden gazebos to shelter under while you barbecue - or even put the whole table inside it!

Gazebos are a welcome addition to the garden, a sensible investment and the perfect way to ensure you're prepared for any eventuality; if it's a bit soggy you can keep your family or guests nice and dry, but they're useful if it's a scorcher too, providing shade for anyone who's had enough of the sun and keeping your food out of the heat.

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