Deadly courting

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1. Praying mantis

The female of this insect has already become synonymous of a despotic lover. During copulation, a male praying mantis loses his head for his partner.

During the sexual act the female eats  her partner! This is one of the weirdest nature phenomenon known.   Although the concept of a lover as a main dish for dinner might be quite frightening (especially for males :) , among the insects such cannibalism is quite common


2. Argiope Aurantia

The male of this black and yellow garden spider that lives in the North America, is literally ready to devote his life to love.  The sexual act is such a huge effort for him that he dies of a heart attack during the copulation. This occassionally happens to humans too!


3.  Tiger spider

While the tiger spider female (25 mm) is significantly bigger than the male (up to 7 mm) she doesn't despise a small snack which becomes her sexual partner. Sexual act of tiger spider usually ends up with death of the male.


4.  Green Anaconda

Sexual cannibalism, though rare - it also happens in the world of vertebrates. Green anaconda from South America also eats her lover. However, she does it to ensure survival during seven months of pregnancy, when she is convicted for starvation.


5.  Black widow spider

A black widow spider (Latrodectus mactans) bears her name, not only because of the color of the carapace. This is one of the most bloodthirsty female spiders on the world.

If the male loiters for too long after copulation, an impatient female won't hesitate to eat him.


6.  Garden cross spider

This common spider also likes to have a little snack while making love and quite often the male lover reaches the female plate.  This romance unfortunately doesn't end up well  for the male.


7.  Chinese praying mantis

The male praying mantis sneaks carefully towards his female partner and stars to copulate with her. When everything is over, the female mantis captures her lover and doesn't allow him to escape.